Our Vision

innovation in simple things

From start to finish, we strive to deliver the utmost amount of care in creating the perfect reference electrodes for our customers.

Our vision is to become world leaders in our field with unique and high-quality reference electrodes made to satisfy every customer’s needs by providing the world’s first ultra-high and low temperature reference electrodes with unique capabilities to the answer harsh-environment corrosion monitoring challenges.


unique technology

Caltrode +800 is the only sensor of its kind for corrosion rate determination and corrosion monitoring at extremely high temperature up to 800 degrees Celsius. Caltrode reference electrodes allow for effectively controlling the status and aging of your equipment and infrastructure.

Precision Tip

Caltrode is equipped with a robust tip to provide more precise mesurements.
Material Endurance

Made with durable fused quartz
Temperature Durability

Able to withstand highh temperatures up to +800 degrees C
Standard Plug

Male end banana plug connector makes it more practical

excellence is not an act, it is a habit

Defining needs nowadays is not an easy task. We found out that there was always a need for a reference electrode that could be used to control the electrode electrical potentials at extremely high temperatures, many had tried with no success.

Recent need to measure corrosion in nuclear and solar power plants made it urgent to develop a new reference electrode to study the corrosion behavior of Ni-based alloys that are  hosting the heat transfer fluids at high temperatures.

Our story